Professional Home Staging Design Secrets

Professional Home Staging Design Secrets

Staging sells. For realtors, home sellers, and property managers, professional home staging services have become a vital necessity for attracting potential buyers and renters. The art of staging has evolved over the years, moving beyond de-cluttering and decorating to become an important and advanced process.

Recent studies prove that home staging has an impact on how buyers and renters perceive a property. Property staging can transform the ordinary into the exceptional. Effective staging presents the latest trends in contemporary design, layout, and style with the goal to make buyers and renters fall in love.

10 Secrets of Professional Home Stagers

Here are ten pointers to consider when staging your home to sell or rent.

Neutral Staging Furniture

Neutral living room set for home staging

The goal is to appeal to the largest number of prospects available. Unless the target for the property is a very specific demographic, most professional home stagers will aim for a neutral look and feel. When painting walls, use a warm hue to create a relaxing, yet classic, statement for a room. The same holds true when renting home furniture for a property.

Numerous styles are available in fabulous colors, but a neutral grouping in beige, gray, or white will be pleasing to almost everyone. These colors can be enhanced with coordinating pillows, tables, and accent chairs to add flair. Remember: Less is more. A few select pieces and accessories correctly placed is a winning combination, offering a nice flow in, and around, the space.

Bold Accent Pieces


Using a neutral palette is a safe mode of home staging, but it’s good to mix the décor up with bold accent pieces. Accents in darker hues can add depth and interest. Use fun throw cushions and accessories to enhance the overall style of the room.

Create a Focal Point with Staging Furniture

Neutral Palette room

Some rooms have a natural focal point, such as fireplace or window, for arranging a layout. A central point is created by assessing where your eyes naturally fall when you enter. Large pieces of art create a statement and work to solidify the other furnishings and décor.

Beautify with Bedroom Staging Furniture

bedroom furniture set for home staging

Nothing is more inviting than a bedroom setting featuring luxurious linens and furnishings. Bedrooms are paramount to prospective buyers, so home stagers pay particular attention to increasing their aesthetic appeal.

One big problem? Dealing with outdated or mismatched furniture and rugs. Invest in renting bedroom furniture, linens, and accent pieces that will deliver that “wow” factor. Adding greenery is a beautiful way to improve the overall ambiance of the room.

Set The Table

kitchen table with place settings for home staging

Whether it’s a formal dining room, eat-in kitchen, or a breakfast bar, a simple place setting adds a sense of “home” to an empty table top. Keep it simple with everyday, tasteful displays.

The Right Home Staging Accessories

staging accessories

Accessories can make or break a room. Use a few choice pieces that work well with the style of the décor. Work with three staged items or clusters of three. Rather than lining a trio of accessories in a row, assemble them in a triangle effect. Experiment with colors, textures, and shapes, such as metallic, glass, and ceramics. Vary the height and width of accessories, with the largest behind and the smallest in front.

Let There Be Foliage

foliage decor for home staging

The one thing you can expect in a staged home is fresh flowers. A large bouquet in the living room will bring warmth, freshness, color, and aroma. Get creative with other foliage, such as small potted plants and topiaries. You don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive arrangements. Pick fresh flowers from your garden, or add seasonal foliage to create natural displays.

Lighting Creates a Homey Ambience

lighting placement for home staging

Lighting is the most important element in providing a welcoming feeling. Great lighting is achieved by working with different types of fixtures. A fabulous chandelier over the dining area, floor lamps, and table lamps can collaborate to provide the required light and develop ambience.

Use Rugs Strategically When Staging a Property

rugs for home staging

Not too big, not too small, and not too many. All things to keep in mind when decorating with rugs. Choose a rug that is proportionate to the space you want to define. Rugs bring warmth and style and complement the furniture décor, so don’t overdo it. If you have beautiful hardwood floors, show them off.

Bottom Line

What’s the tenth secret of professional home stagers? They rent home furnishings and décor from Brook. We have high-quality furniture and accessories, plus exceptional customer service.

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