Houseplants for Spring: Spruce Up Your Space

Houseplants for Spring: Spruce Up Your Space

Houseplants add vibrancy and warmth to any space in your home, and there’s no better time than spring to bring in a little green. Plants play a prominent role in ramping up productivity, boosting creativity, and promoting a sense of well-being. Whether you’re looking to add a splash of color, a dramatic accent, or an organic touch, here are five houseplants to liven up your space for spring.

1. Peace Lily: The Regal One


More elegant than flashy, this popular houseplant blooms in the spring and can flower long into the summer. Small varieties are a tasteful touch atop your desk or table, or place a larger peace lily on the floor to brighten up your low-light living room. Its air-purifying abilities are an added bonus—but keep your pets away, as the peace lily is toxic to dogs and cats. 

2. Snake Plant: The Tough One


Sansevieria (commonly known as ‘Snake Plant’ or ‘Mother-in-Law’s Tongue’) is so hard to kill, it’s basically the John McClane of houseplants. A relative of the garden asparagus, this evergreen perennial is drought resistant and will thrive in both bright light and the dark corners of your home. Its bold, architectural features make the Snake Plant a perfect choice for modern interior designs.

3. Bromeliad: The Flamboyant One


This colorful cousin of the pineapple is a party-starter (even if it’s a party of one). With glossy green, toothed foliage and flowering shoots in a variety of colors—red, purple, orange, yellow—the showy Bromeliad adds a tropical, exotic punch to any room. Plant in a mixture of fast-draining potting soil and sand, and its blooms can last for up to six months. 

4. Aloe Vera: The Practical One


Put this fast-growing succulent in a spot with bright, indirect sunlight, and come summer, you’ll have your own self-regenerating first-aid kit. Squeeze the gel from its leaves and use it as a soothing salve for scrapes, sunburns, and even cold sores. Plus, the way aloe’s thick, fleshy leaves fan out from its base can add some welcome energy to your kitchen or drawing room.

5. Marimo Moss Balls: The Quirky One


These funky friends—regarded as good luck charms in Japan—aren’t actually moss at all, but rather a rare species of algae. The spherical algae gets its shape from the gentle waves of lake water (which you can simulate at home), and while it grows only about 5 millimeters per year, it can easily live to 100! Keep your Marimo balls in a glass habitat in a cool, low-light location, as too much direct light or heat will turn them brown. Or: Add them to your freshwater aquarium, where they’ll act as natural filters.

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