How to Fall in Love with Your Living Room

How to Fall in Love with Your Living Room

It’s the middle of winter and everything is starting to feel cold and stale: the weather, the Netflix lineup, the options for takeout… Worst of all? Your comfy oasis, your safe haven—your living room—has lost its luster. If your living room decor needs a refresh, updating your surroundings can truly help to get you out of the winter blues.

Need a living room decor update? Renting is the smart choice for furnishing your home when you need a little pick-me-up and Brook makes it easy. Let’s go through some simple, yet transformational living room ideas to refresh and renew your space.

Apply Fresh Paint

If you’re feeling the walls closing in, consider freshening up your living room’s paint color. Check out Very Peri, Pantone’s Colors of the Year 2022. Pantone describes it as "displaying a carefree confidence and a daring curiosity that animates our creative spirit, inquisitive and intriguing." It’s the perfect shade to add a bit of fun and pizazz to bring your living room out of its funk.


With back-to-back Netflix hits like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and The Home Edit inspiring millions of viewers to organize, it’s never a bad idea to declutter. If you’ve been putting off your spring cleaning until, well, spring — don’t. Start with clearing some of those magazines on the coffee table. Do you really need that copy of House Beautiful from May 2017? Tidy up blankets and throw pillows while tucking away smaller items into accent furniture with ample storage.

Try a New Trend

This is where the fun starts. Open up your favorite search engine and start browsing the latest design trends to find inspiration. Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest are bursting with tips for decorating a living room. Some trends you might try your hand at: Bring in more plants for a welcoming vibe, add jewel tones for a pop of color, utilize large-scale mirrors to open up your space, or add mood lighting with a statement floor lamp.

Add a Layer of Warmth

When people think: “living room,” what’s on the floor may not come to mind. But adding a rug to a living area changes the focal point of a room, and a rug can make a room feel connected and cohesive, clearly defining spaces. Select a rug that will warm up your feet and your living room’s overall design. You’ll be glad to have something soft under your toes when you forget your slippers in the bedroom.

Cozy Up

Working with less square footage? Don’t overwhelm your living room with oversized furniture. Embrace the small space by cozying up with your significant other or pet on a loveseat. Smaller than a regular sofa, loveseats can serve as a flexible room divider and fit into more compact spaces. Select a soft, yet durable fabric that will hold up to hours of couch cuddles.

There is always time to update your living room decor, and Brook’s team of professionals is always here to help. Shop now by room for your entire home or contact our Customer Care Team.

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