How to Set Up an Efficient Home Office

How to Set Up an Efficient Home Office

When COVID-19 sent the world into lockdown, businesses sent employees from the corporate office to their home offices. As we return to a sense of normalcy, workers are heading back to the office—but just as many are making the transition to permanently working from home. Unless you’ve got plenty of free space in your home, you may not have a dedicated workspace. Instead of taking calls from your couch, take the time to create an efficient home office.

6 Ways to Design an Efficient Home Office

Here are six tips to consider when planning your design and layout for an ideal home office:

Choose the right location

One of the common challenges in setting up a home office is allocating the space. Having a dedicated area establishes a professional and productive mindset. A spare bedroom or den situated away from distractions is ideal, but a one bedroom apartment or studio requires some creative thinking.

Look for an alcove or unused corner area of a room and picture how you might create your work area with the necessary furniture. Is there adequate room for a desk, chair, and some storage or shelving? Can a sofa table or dining table double as a desk during the daytime? Some coffee tables can transform into desks. Identify areas of your rooms that can serve more than one purpose.

Select space-saving and ergonomic furniture

Efficient home office setup

Choosing the design and style of your home office furniture is a crucial element of an efficient workspace. Before you rent or buy furniture, measure the dimensions of the space so that the desk, chair, and storage will fit perfectly and provide adequate room to move. For a smaller space, you may want to consider a multi-use writing desk, which can double as an entertainment piece rather than a traditional desk.

Next, think about ergonomics. Long periods of sitting and computer work can add up to stress on your body and overall health. You may want to consider matching an adjustable ergonomic chair with a sit-stand desk. Your furniture selection will depend on whether your home office will be focused on work productivity or more for casual use.

Keep your space organized with adequate storage

To stay productive, keep your office space clean and free from clutter. A tidy work area can instill a sense of professionalism as well as increase productivity. Brook offers quality storage cabinets, shelving, and bookcases that you can include in your lease. Storage pieces are also perfect for adding additional surface space for printers and office accessories.

Pay attention to lighting

Research shows that exposure to natural daylight improves mood and productivity. Though natural light is ideal for an office area, desk lamps and accent lighting are important, too. A balance of the two will provide enough illumination for task-work as well as general ambiance in the evening hours.

Don’t forget about decor

Home office with decor and artwork

No matter the size of your home office, there are still ways to personalize the space and make it your own. If painting your apartment is allowed, consider changing the color to a hue that inspires creativity. Even painting one accent wall can make a big difference in adding some depth and interest. Consider including artwork in your furniture lease to add color and personality to an otherwise blank wall. If space allows, renting a rich, warm accent rug and comfortable seating is a perfect addition to providing a zone to take a break and relax.

Bring greenery to the space

Desk with plants and notebook

Not only does greenery bring the outside in, but research proves that plants can help in dealing with stress and boost productivity by 12%. Plants not only brighten up your workspace, but they are beneficial to your health as they purify the air. If your lighting is not conducive to growing plants, think about an artificial silk tree or arrangement to add style to your space.

Bottom Line

Designing your home office should be fun and reflect your personality, as well as your professional goals. To keep it productive, focus on quality furnishings that are comfortable, yet stylish enough to inspire. If you’re on the move, there is no better way to get an on-demand office than with Brook. Quality, ergonomic furnishings and décor delivered when and where you want them.

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