Mixing It Up with Metallic Décor

Mixing It Up with Metallic Décor

Decorating with metal materials and metal-finished items is an emerging trend gaining steam with the return of styles popular in the late 80s and early 90s. At one time, mixing metallic decor was considered a no-no by interior designers, but that’s changing. Let’s reflect on the metallic possibilities.

6 Tips on Working With Metallics in Your Space

Metallic details don’t have to translate to a cold feel. On the contrary, finishes in gold, silver, bronze, and iron can add character to bring a sense of visual dimension and depth to your space. Choose metal decorations that can coexist with each other in harmony. Here are six ideas and tips on how you can decorate and mix-up metals to create a visually stunning space.

Consider the palette of your room

metallic decor and your color palette

The first step? Review the palette of your décor. As a general rule, warm metals, such as gold, brass, and copper, work well with warmer hues, such as reds, browns, and yellow. Chrome and silver work better with cooler hues, such as blues and black. However, there are no hard-and-fast rules. Above, the addition of a gold mirror adds a touch of warmth while still complementing the cooler décor.

Decide on a dominant metal

Decorating with bronze metals

Based on your palette, choose a metal finish that will be most dominant in your space and then choose one or two complimentary metals as accents. As seen above, the burnished bronze tables and lamps give an overall sense of unity, while the gold bureau and vase draw your eyes throughout the room.

Add in lighting for an extra shine

lighting with metallics

Lighting fixtures are an easy way to mix metallic decor into a room—whether it be a traditional gold chandelier in the dining room or modern sculptured floor and table lamps. Don’t be afraid to mix and match the finish of lighting fixtures and associated décor together for maximum impact. Here, a stunning occasional upholstered and chrome chair is complemented by an elegant table of the same metal, offset by dark bronze lighting fixtures.

Combine textures and patterns for pizazz

combine metallic décor with other textures and patterns

Decorating with metallics offers the opportunity to get adventurous in mixing patterns and textures. Placing one or two occasional pieces that combine decorative or textured metallic can provide a unique statement of style. This bedroom features a whimsical acrylic and chrome table and chair, offering a sense of airiness between the nightstand and bureau. Remember not to overdo it. One textured metallic piece can be strong enough on its own to command a room.

Hang a metallic mirror for a magical moment

Mirrors and metallics

Mirrors are probably one of the most common metallic accessories available in an array of finishes, from brilliant gold and bronze, to shimmering silver. Not only do mirrors offer function, but they add a focal point to any room. This fabulous, open-concept kitchen utilizes the warmth of natural textures combined with a touch of modern geometric metals. The large, oversized mirror detailed in intricate bronze magnifies the mixed metallic theme.

Ditch boring baubles for metallic accessories

Metallic accessories

Metallic finishes go beyond furniture. Complement your style with metallic touches of textiles, throw cushions, muted rugs, and artwork. Exotic metallic accessories in vintage gold and brass are hot decorating items that can add elegance and drama to your space.

Bottom Line

Metallics add a touch of sparkle to any room, whether it’s with furniture or accessories. Looking to add some shine to your space? Brook’s wide selection of metallic finishes will turn heads, no matter what your style is.

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