Multifamily Marketing Tips for The Leasing Season

By Brook Furniture Rental-

As we head into another busy leasing season, now is the time to recharge your marketing efforts. Today, a mix of offline and online strategies are required to reach as many prospective tenants in a highly competitive market. Here are a few tips to help generate some ideas and get you on your way to full capacity.

Update Your Website

Though advertising units on listing sites is essential, your website plays an important role in getting your community online exposure. Is your website up to date and mobile friendly? The highest quality websites include professional photography, floor plans, videos, and virtual tours as well as information on the local neighborhood that can be easily accessed on a browser and mobile device. Induce emotion as well as information into the language of your descriptions. Potential residents are looking for a community that exudes an active social lifestyle and a comfortable living experience.

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Get Social

The younger demographic of apartment hunters search on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram first to get a visual understanding of your units and amenities. Social networks also provide an insight into the lifestyle your community offers and the type of reviews you generate among your current residents. According to a 2014 survey conducted by Kingsley Associated and Apartment Guide, 70% of apartment hunters read online reviews and ratings before leasing. Ask residents to share the love by posting 5-star reviews on your Facebook site or Google business listing.

Instagram offers a multitude of ways to connect with current and prospective residents. Post photos of residents enjoying your community amenities, events as well as the local neighborhood.

Remember the “social” in social media. Beyond promoting your units and community, add value with posts that will be of interest to renters such as articles on cooking, decorating, and local entertainment. Lifestyle posts promote sharing and result in free exposure for your community across the network. Creating a blog with valuable information on apartment living is also an effective way to aggregate your branding and gain leads.

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Promote Your Pet-friendly Community

If your community is pet-friendly, then it is in high demand. Take advantage of your pet inclusion by reaching out to local animal shelters and pet retail stores. You can leave brochures and create a partnership to offer discounts to both employees and customers of the shelter and the retail venues. Also, make sure you promote the pet amenities you offer such as a dog walk, grooming and walking services or pet play spaces.

Create a Tenant Referral Program

Your residents are one of your best advertising vehicles. Why not develop a referral program by offering rent incentives or prizes in return for actively promoting the community to their friends and colleagues? According to a study by Neilson, people are four times more likely to buy when referred by a friend.

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Boost Your Amenity Exposure

Amenities are hotter than ever. Depending on your target market, make sure your most appealing facilities are front and center in your branding efforts, specifically on your website and social networks. Prospective tenants are looking for a lifestyle, so include photos of residents enjoying the rooftop patio or pool. If you’re considering investing in a new amenity, a flexible space for activities such as yoga and wellness classes are high on the popularity list with residents.

Hold an Open House

One of the most effective ways to get the word out is to hold a co-sponsored Brook Connect Event at your community. A Brook Connect Event offers you the opportunity to introduce your community to relocation companies, local real estate professionals and corporate housing providers, as well as increase your referral base for potential leads.


Update Your Visual Appeal

No matter how compelling your marketing plan, you still must impress potential residents when they walk through the door. Now is the time to take an objective look at the state of your landscaping, lobby, and common rooms. Perhaps renting some stylish, up to date furniture is required to ensure that the first impression of your community is the best it can be.

Decorating with Throw Pillows

Update Your Model Suite

It’s a proven fact that many apartment hunters find it hard to visualize living in a vacant space, resulting in lost opportunities for occupancy.

Not only do staged furnished models produce a WOW factor with prospective renters, but they can also be used on your marketing collateral and social networks. Research shows that staging produces faster lease-ups, better tenants, and premium rents. In a competitive rental environment, savvy property managers are looking to furnished model suites as a necessary element of their leasing strategy.

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