Tips On Decorating Your New Apartment

Tips On Decorating Your New Apartment

Whether you’ve recently graduated from college or you’re moving places, a new apartment is a blank canvas ready to inspire your creativity. Living on your own can be an exciting and liberating experience. One thing you can look forward to? Furnishing your home to reflect your own personality. Many young professionals who are just starting out choose to rent furniture from Brook rather than invest in buying, and there are many good reasons why.

Why Should I Rent Furniture Instead of Buying?

The cost of furnishing an apartment can be expensive and time-consuming. There’s no guarantee the furniture you purchase will fit in another new apartment down the road or even survive a future move. Renting furniture is a convenient way to furnish your apartment within as little as 48 hours and there is no assembly required! You can also include housewares in your package.

Another important reason: Renting is good for the environment! Do you know how much used furniture ends up in landfills? According to the EPA, more than 10 million tons a year. No wonder the trend to rent rather than own has become so popular. Rental furniture is re-used, repurposed, and refurbished, and it follows a more sustainable cycle than fast furniture that will inevitably break down and end up on the curb.

6 Spaces in Your New Apartment to Decorate

So, what exactly do you need to turn that empty space into a stylish and comfortable home you can be proud of?  No matter if you have a studio or a one bedroom, here are some tips to help design and decorate your very own first apartment.

The Entryway

entryway in your new apartment

The entryway is often a forgotten space, but it is the perfect area to keep things organized as you come and go. A narrow console table can provide additional storage as well as a catchall space for keys and mail. Consider adding a decorative mirror to bring some flair. A mirror can help to make an area appear larger and it’s excellent for checking out your appearance before you leave for the day.

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The Kitchen

Housewares for your new apartment

Even if you’re a major foodie when it comes to dining out, sooner or later, you will want to start entertaining in your new abode. It is astonishing what a well-stocked kitchen requires. An easy way to get started? Rent the kitchen amenities package from Brook, which includes everything you need to accompany all your recipes.

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The Dining Area

Dining room seating for your new apartment

Depending on the size and layout of your apartment, your kitchen may feature an island perfect for bar stools and entertaining. However, be as versatile as you can when it comes to utilizing available space. A countertop table and stools in a corner or by a window can also serve as a relaxed dining area and a mini workspace.

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The Bedroom

Bedroom furniture for your new apartment

Getting a good night sleep is a priority when adapting to a new lifestyle, but your bedroom is also your personal sanctuary. Your bed will be the focal point of the room, and Brook offers modern styles with headboards. Depending on how much space you have, you may also need one or two nightstands and ambient lighting. If your budget allows, a cozy rug and a fabulous piece of artwork can make all the difference in completing the look and comfort of the room.

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The Living Room

Sofas for your new apartment

The living room is likely the most important space when it comes to investing in décor. This is where you will spend most of your time relaxing and entertaining. Your first priority will be the sofa, and even if you are dealing with a small room, Brook has a fantastic selection of comfy sofas and loveseats perfect for any space. If your apartment is an open-concept, a rug and coffee table can help to define the living area.

Next on the list, consider an occasional chair for extra seating, lighting, and wall art. Another budget-friendly way to complete the room is to accessorize. Accent pillows, a throw, and other decorative items can add the final touches to provide a cohesive style.

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Desk workspace for your new apartment

More than ever, there is a good chance you’re working remotely—at least part of the time. Whether for work or just catching up on emails, a small writing desk and chair can serve multiple purposes when dealing with limited space.

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Bottom Line

Once you have the basics in place, then it’s easy to add your own personal touches and make your new apartment reflect your unique style. Brook offers the perfect furnishings for any style of apartment. From furniture, to housewares, to accessories, our extensive selection is designed to dazzle any space.

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