How to Pack for an Extended Stay in Corporate Housing

How to Pack for an Extended Stay in Corporate Housing

When planning an extended business trip, corporate housing is often the logical choice. Business trips require organization and forethought, because after all, you need to travel with everything required to do your job professionally and effectively. When you have an extended trip to plan, the packing to-do list can feel overwhelming—for seasoned professionals and first-time corporate travelers alike. But it doesn’t have to be.

6 Must-Pack Items for Extended Business Travel

Thinking about where you’ll stay and for how long makes a difference in how you’ll pack. Here are the essentials to get you settled in corporate housing, without packing your entire house.

✓ Clothing

Think about the weather where you will be staying. Is it similar to your current climate, or will you need a different wardrobe to deal with the heat? Make sure to pack enough business clothing, as well as leisure items, to last a week or two. Remember, you’ll be able to do laundry when you get there, so there’s no need to overpack. 

✓ Footwear

Pack some footwear for multiple occasions. Try to limit your choices to shoes you can pair with multiple outfits, and even casual clothes, too. Don’t forget to pack athletic shoes so you can keep up with your workouts.

✓ Toiletries

Bring enough toiletries to last a few days. Once you’re there, you can pick up larger, non-travel-size items from a local store. And once you know how long you’ll be staying, you can plan accordingly for additional quantities.

✓ Personal Items

When you’re going to be away from home for an extended period, it’s important to make your corporate housing feel like home. Pack personal items such as photographs of your family, friends, and pets to make the space feel more homey and keep those travel blues away. 

✓ Electronics

You know you need your laptop for work—but don’t forget critical items like chargers for your laptop and phone as well as any other electronics you might want to have on hand, such as an e-reader. You may also want to pack an extra battery for your phone that will help keep you charged when things get busy at work.

✓ Notebooks and Reading Materials

Pack any journals and notebooks with accompanying writing utensils that you might want or need while you’re away from home. These may be work-related, but don’t hesitate to take your personal journal, too. This can be an important outlet for dealing with daily work stresses. If you’re accustomed to journaling, you’ll want to have it handy.

What If There Are Items I Need, But Can’t Pack?

You may find that you need to bring certain things that aren’t exactly travel-friendly. If you need bath or kitchen essentials, think about renting them. Determine what items will be provided by corporate housing and talk to your employer about adding any necessary upgrades. Renting housewares from Brook is an easy way to get the functional items you need while practicing sustainability on behalf of your company, by avoiding new purchases just for your trip.

Bottom Line

Preparation is the key to packing for an extended business trip. Make sure you have the essentials from your wardrobe and all the necessities to do your job. From there, talk to the corporate housing liaison about renting additional houseware items from Brook Furniture Rental to make your stay as functional and as comfortable as possible.

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