Design Trends for a Post-Pandemic World

Design Trends for a Post-Pandemic World

COVID-19 changed nearly everything. As we’ve been forced to adapt to the new reality, so has our home—becoming a school, office, gym, restaurant, and more. The global pandemic has fundamentally altered the way we view “home,” and in turn, it’s had a real impact on home design trends.

How Has COVID Changed Home Design?

In light of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, functionality is now the operative word. Where our home was once just a haven for family time and relaxing after a long day’s work, it now must function throughout the day as a place that meets a wide variety of needs.

Privacy, Please

Big, spacious rooms and open floor plans were once all the rage. Not anymore. There’s been a serious shift in priorities, as people look to carve out space to get things done. Walls, doors, and other divisions are regaining importance, as they help define different parts of the home and create the privacy needed for virtual classes or Zoom calls (or just some old-fashioned alone time). Open concept may not be dead—but it’s definitely transforming.

Operation: Home Office

When the lockdowns first began, millions of people found themselves in a work-life-family-life sandwich—juggling both at once, in tight quarters. As such, the pandemic’s biggest impact on home design has to be the new need for a dedicated office or workspace. Ideally, it has plenty of privacy, away from all the noise the rest of the family may be making as they go about their lives. Not only does a proper home office help maintain professionalism throughout the workday, but it also allows you to walk away from the job once business hours are over, and close the door behind you.

Home office with glass desk and swivel chair, plus shelving and decor

More Mixed-Use and Multipurpose

Some of us don’t have the luxury of carving out dedicated space for work or school, and that’s why mixed-use spaces have become a critical design feature. Be it a garage that crosses as a gym, or a guest bedroom that doubles as a craft space or yoga studio, people have had to get creative with the space they have. Pro tip: Get a large armoire to organize those craft materials or exercise clothes, so you can maintain the integrity and functionality of a small space.

Storage Wars

As rooms have taken on more demand, we’ve had to up the storage game to keep pace. This means finding stylish and creative ways to organize toys, school and office supplies, tech gadgets, and the stuff we’ve accumulated for new quarantine hobbies. One sure trend is toward more functional media storage units that utilize baskets and shelves to store the items that have kept us entertained. Ottomans with hidden compartments have also become quite popular, as families try to have a place for everything.

The Great Outdoors

One major side effect of quarantine? A renewed appreciation for our outdoor spaces. They’ve been a refuge—a place to step away from the commotion of the house, breathe some fresh air, and get some vitamin D. They’ve also given us a safe place to host the family and friends we haven’t been able to see in months. People have transformed and invested in their outdoor spaces by adding decor and furniture that’s both comfortable and functional. Some of us have even started home gardening as a way to keep busy or supplement trips to the grocery store, promoting a safer and healthier lifestyle as we learn to be more self-sufficient.

Outdoor balcony with small table, two chairs, and a rug

The Essential Entryway

“Phone, wallet, keys, mask…” And don’t forget the hand sanitizer. We can’t leave the house without more and more stuff these days—and the entryway or mudroom has become a more important place because of it, with a need for more robust organization. Plus, with all those Amazon and local restaurant deliveries, a good entryway bench can serve as an essential landing place.

Bottom Line

If your home needs have changed since the pandemic began, you’re not alone—and it might be time to think about some new furniture to accommodate the new reality. Brook Furniture Rental has a wide variety of home and office items that are both stylish and practical. And best of all, choosing Brook makes it easy to switch out your style as trends change. You’ll be keeping bulky furniture out of landfills and maintaining a beautifully functional home at the same time.

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