Pre-Leasing Strategies for New Multifamily Housing

By Brook Furniture Rental –

For a new multifamily housing development, pre-leasing is one of the most critical objectives there is. Amid the hardhats, dirt, and noise, your job as a property manager is to create a compelling future vision of what is to be and convince prospective tenants to buy into your story. A successful launch relies on many factors, from meeting construction targets and selling a lifestyle, to developing a comprehensive marketing plan that will ensure the required occupancy.

Here are a few pre-leasing marketing tips to consider when developing your strategy.

Create a Buzz:

The number one priority in pre-leasing a new multifamily housing community is to get it noticed. In our social society, this means developing an active online presence. It is essential to create a branded, responsive website or landing page that can serve to capture leads when prospective tenants are looking online.

Besides floor plan layouts, furnished models, and information on amenities, be sure to include images of the lifestyle you are targeting, such as community features, parks, shopping, and restaurants. Invite prospective tenants to enter their email on your website to receive ongoing updates about your community.

The next critical step is to create a social strategy. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are popular vehicles where you can post ongoing updates, photos, events, and build relationships with your target market. Your web identity and social networks will be your most powerful marketing assets and promoted on your printed materials, banners, flyers and business cards.


Social networks are an effective and inexpensive way to get the word out about your new apartments. However, you can further your reach by combining a paid online advertising plan utilizing Google AdSense to secure a top position in online search results. Besides your traditional brochures and apartment search websites, you can attract physical passer-by with exciting, on-site signage and banners at the entry, as well as billboards on highway venues.

Think strategically about your messaging regarding what features are going to attract your target the most, be it a lifestyle, model sizes, or even pre-leasing promotions. Watch your lead indicators and adjust your messaging accordingly.

Connect with the Neighborhood:

Get to know the established businesses in the community where your target demographic frequents, such as restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, and bookstores. Explore advertising and sponsorship opportunities with the merchants, such as offering referral fees, distributing flyers, or sponsoring discounts on food or drinks that can be promoted within their establishment and on the merchant’s social networks. In return, offer to include merchant coupons in your new resident packages, as well as the opportunity to network at future resident events.

Get Networking:

One of the most productive ways to get the word out is to hold a co-sponsored Brook Connect Event at a local venue or on-site if available. A Brook Connect Event offers you the opportunity to introduce your community to relocation companies and local real estate professionals, as well as increase your referral base for potential leads.

Set up Tours for Model Suites:

No matter how compelling your marketing plan is, you still have to impress potential residents with the rental units. It’s a proven fact that many apartment hunters find it hard to visualize living in a vacant space, resulting in lost opportunities for occupancy. New developments in the midst of construction with unfinished amenities focus on the best way to promote their community with furnished model suites, from expensive penthouses to hard-to-rent floor plans.

Not only do these produce a WOW factor with prospective renters, but furnished suites can be used on your marketing collateral and social networks. Research shows that staging produces faster lease-ups, better tenants, and premium rents. In a competitive rental environment, savvy property managers are looking to furnished model suites as a necessary element of their pre-leasing strategy.

No company does it better than Brook Furniture Rental when it comes to providing quality, style, and professional furniture rental solutions and services for multifamily model suite staging.

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