How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

So you’re entering a new chapter of life and deciding to sell your home. An undertaking as big as this can seem daunting, but you needn't fear the process. By remaining proactive and efficient, you’ll minimize stressors and maximize your profits. Let’s delve into some tips to help you achieve just that.

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4 Ways to Prep Your Home for Selling

Know Where You're Going

Before preparing your home for sale, decide where you’re moving to. If you’re looking to set your roots, grow your family, or even build your career with a particular company, research different home loan rates that could fit the longevity of your next location and grant you a more flexible budget. Fixed mortgages eliminate the stress of variable expenses and allow you to pace your payments or pay off your mortgage without penalty. Regardless of your lifestyle, it’s important to consider neighborhood safety, proximity to amenities such as grocers, gas, and hospitals, and the overall walkability of where you’ll be living.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Readying yourself and your family for a big move can involve a lot of juggling, especially when life continues in the midst of it. Finding ways to keep that balance can be vital to both the selling process and your sanity. It’s also important to consider the time you need to dedicate to getting ready for the sale. Hiring a real estate agent to sell your house means that it’ll be professionally listed and advertised by someone who understands market conditions.

This is excellent for saving time and obtaining expertise, but it also means that a larger percentage of your selling costs will go to both the agents — selling and purchasing — involved in the transaction. If you decide to go another route and list your home as for sale by owner (FSBO), you’ll be putting significantly more time and energy into the process, but not without the potential of receiving higher profits.

Understand Curb Appeal

Aside from any photos listed online, your home’s curb appeal is going to be the first real impression buyers receive. It’s important that all major surfaces (roofing, siding, windows, etc.) are cleaned and in good condition. Your lawn should be well-maintained and have similarly clean lines to any garden beds in the space. Trees and shrubs that block natural light from entering the house should be pruned, and it’s recommended that any planting be low-maintenance. Clean lines and simple layouts leave potential buyers with an opportunity rather than something overwhelming, and you’ll only need a bit of time to keep things looking nice.

Stage Your Home as Anyone's Home

Whether you decide to list your house FSBO or go through an agent, staging your home can be a great DIY to save money and attract offers. Essential to a successful sale, every well-staged home is first decluttered and depersonalized. It’s important to shift perspectives from, “how do I like my home to look?” to, “how can I maximize the light and space in these rooms?” Prospective buyers will want to see their lifestyle in a space, not a stranger’s. With work-from-home environments becoming increasingly common these days, consider staging a spare bedroom or den as a home office. This allows buyers to see the property’s potential beyond a standard kitchen, bedroom, and bath layout.

Bottom Line

The details of a good staging and fruitful sale often come down to a clean, well-lit space, neutral walls and flooring, and tasteful pops of color in the form of throw pillows, plants, or other minor items. If your furniture, décor, and housewares are already out of the house or just too worn to utilize, Brook can supply you with timeless pieces to make anyone fall in love with your space.

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