5 Real Estate Pros to Follow on TikTok

5 Real Estate Pros to Follow on TikTok

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you’re likely to make, and the process isn’t easy. Navigating the real estate market involves more than just house hunting—there’s also financing, inspections, and legal considerations. With so many moving parts, it can be tough to figure out where to start.

Gain some insight and advice from these five real estate professionals on TikTok. They may not have all the answers, but at least you’ll learn something, right?

5 TikTok Real Estate Professionals to Watch

1. @inspector_aj

Once you find a house you love and your offer is accepted by the seller, it’s time to schedule an inspection. It’s essential to hire a top-notch Certified Professional Inspector (CPI)® to ensure you know exactly what’s working and—more importantly—what’s not working in the house. AJ, (@inspector_aj) a home inspector based in Tennessee, offers candid reactions and tips for the home inspection process. He shares some doozies and bad home repairs that will have homebuyers thinking twice about their offers.

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This one kinda got my blood boiling.

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2. @colormycredit

Mortgage lender and author Alisa Glutz (@colormycredit) offers tips on how to build and manage your credit. Your credit is a vital factor in acquiring financing to purchase a home and tackle any ensuing home improvements. Glutz makes it easy to understand how credit works, with practical examples and demos. You’ll learn more from her in a few videos than you probably did in high school.

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3. @itsthatrealestatechick

A real estate agent in Maryland, Lauren Matera (@itsthatrealestatechick) is keeping things real for her audience when it comes to buying a home. She balances practical advice for first-time homebuyers and tips for new real estate agents. Some highlights include Matera’s hilarious blind reactions to real property listings with some… unique features.

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4. @stagedbytara

Maybe you’re not ready to buy a house because you need to sell yours first. Enter: Tara (@stagedbytara), a home staging consultant with tips on how to stage your home to sell. An often neglected aspect of selling your home is arranging it to appeal to multiple types of buyers. Tara covers everything from decluttering to how to stage specific rooms and items in your house, such as a nightstand or a sectional. Never underestimate the power of a vignette!

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5. @humphreytalks

Humphrey Yang (@humphreytalks) covers all things personal finance in his TikTok videos. He has some videos dedicated to real estate and home buying, but this is a place for a full financial education. Simple explainers cover common finance questions and break down confusing concepts that are unfamiliar to many consumers. We like Yang’s easy-to-understand approach and straight-to-the-point explanations.

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Paying All Cash For Your 🏡: 1 Lesson. ##realestate ##tiktokpartner ##learnontiktok

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Bottom Line

With careful research and dedicated planning, the real estate market doesn’t need to remain a murky mystery. Whether you’re furnishing a new home or staging to sell, renting furniture from Brook is the easy solution to get everything you need, in one place. We’ll help you transform your house into a home.