Reasons to Furnish Your Rental Property

By Brook Furniture Rental –

Are you considering furnishing a rental property, like a house, apartment, or condominium? While the target market for furnished apartments has mainly been short-term rentals for business professionals and students, the rental market has changed.

Many young professionals just starting their careers are unwilling to invest large amounts of money in purchasing furniture when weighed against other priorities, such as a car, high-tech equipment, or travel. For this target market, a slightly higher rent is much more manageable. Having a “ready-made” apartment can be a competitive advantage in attracting upscale tenants from today’s millennial demographic.

Furnished Apartment

Rental properties also offer some distinct benefits, such as:

Higher Rents: The combination of limited availability and convenience, means furnished apartments can command higher rents, as tenants look to save money by not buying their own furniture.

Less Maintenance: With furnished apartments, there is no need for tenants to move furniture in and out, or hang artwork that can create potential damage to the property.

Inventory: If you have multiple units, adding a number of furnished apartments can diversify your inventory and help attract a wider range of tenants.

Marketing: From a marketing perspective, photos and videos of a beautifully furnished apartment can be promoted on websites and social media, and accessed on mobile devices where potential renters are searching.

Apartments that have a “high-end” appearance and feature stylish, clean furniture, artwork, and a computer desk will appeal to a wide variety of young professionals looking for an on-demand living experience.

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