5 Renter-Friendly DIY Tips from TikTok

5 Renter-Friendly DIY Tips from TikTok

When you’re a renter, your space may be full of white walls, beige carpet, and no personality. Landlords and rental properties tend to keep things neutral so it’s easy to clean and turnover quickly for the next renter. So how do you spice things up and add your personal touch to make it feel like home instead of a sterile, boring box? Good news: There are plenty of creative, renter-friendly DIY hacks to experiment with.

Need some help getting started? Try these five rental-approved DIY projects from TikTok.

5 Renter-Friendly DIY Projects to Try

1. Frosted Glass Decal

Windows and natural light are typically must-have features for renters. But what if that window comes with little to no privacy from your neighbors or the street? You can hang up curtains or pull down the blinds, but then you’re giving up that precious natural light. Try a frosted glass decal to create an extra measure of privacy without sacrificing the light. You can even cut out a design for an added artsy flair.

Try This:


Renter friendly DIY! What are the odds my neighbor will see this and duet it showing the outside view of my window? 😅 #tiktokdiy #homedecor

♬ original sound – Annika Hinds

2. Peel-and-Stick Tile

Oftentimes, renters are faced with outdated and/or dirty tile throughout their apartment or rental space. The bathroom and kitchen may benefit from a temporary upgrade for the length of your lease. Peel-and-stick tile comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and textures, and it’s easy to cut and apply. Pick something with an adhesive that comes off and cleans easily when it’s time to move. Apply tile to your floors or use as a temporary backsplash.

Try This:


Link in bio to shop my products 💕! #diy #diyproject #diyhow #diychallenge #amazon #amazonfinds #happyathome #home #lifeathome #homeproject

♬ original sound – Julianna Christensen

3. Light Fixtures

Stuck with a boring light fixture? Many landlords buy lights in bulk with little to no regard for style. Buy or thrift a cheap basket to make a simple light pendant! It’s an easy, do-it-yourself way to make a warmer focal point for your space. Instead of a pendant, you can also use a lightweight bowl to create a similar look. Save the old fixture to swap back in before you move out.

Try This:


IKEA Basket Light Pendant #ikeatok#ikeahacksdiy#ikealifehacks#foryouu#basketschrr#diysssy#diysssss#hubbsi_ #siblingnight#sibilingss

♬ Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

4. Showerhead

This might be one of the easiest ways to improve your rental unit. Poor water pressure? Swap out the showerhead. Shop for one you like and replace the existing fixture. Waterfall or rain showerhead? Yes, please! Like any light fixture you change out, save the old showerhead so you can reinstall it before moving out.

Try This:


Small shower head? No problem! Just flip it out with one you like. #rentalfriendly #showerhack #diy

♬ Astronaut In The Ocean – Masked Wolf

5. Curtains

Is there anything uglier or less functional than vertical blinds? They often come loose, fall, or crack from pulling them back and forth. Pets also seem to have a knack for destroying them. Replace those pesky blinds with a DIY curtain hack. Gently remove each vertical blind and put them away in a safe spot. Measure the gap between each blind, and purchase curtains and drapery hooks. Then slide the hooks into the empty gaps in the blinds track. Voila! 

Try This:


I hate vertical blinds so shoutout to pinterest for this ##diy ##hack ##apartmentfriendly ##doityourself ##curtains

♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依

Bottom Line

Renter-friendly do-it-yourself projects can be simple and fun ways to update and personalize your space. You know what’s even simpler? Renting your furniture, decor, and housewares from Brook. And if you don’t love it, don’t stress. We offer free exchanges within the first seven days of your rental.

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