Small Space, Big Impact

Small Space, Big Impact

Studio apartments have become a reality for many, especially for those who live in high-density areas such as Seattle, San Francisco, and New York. Though small living spaces provide an affordable way to enjoy an urban lifestyle, they can be a challenge to decorate. However, small does not mean you have to sacrifice style. Before you embark on renting furniture, here are a few decorating tips to consider that can add a big impact to a small space.

Define a color palette

When decorating one room, you do not have the luxury of playing with different palettes as you would with a larger apartment. Depending on your style, define a color palette and carry it throughout when choosing artwork, accessories and your décor. A cohesive color scheme will set the tone and bring harmony to the room. If you are working with a neutral wall color, you can still go bold by way of décor with fabulous textures, patterns, and colors.

Maximize your space

The key to studio living is to look for ways to maximize available space without over-cluttering. An open nook might be the perfect fit for a stylish dining set while adding a credenza in an empty hallway can double as an attractive storage area. Even though you may choose to rent a traditional bed, including a daybed or sleeper sofa for overnight guests is also a smart consideration. Opt for bedroom furniture rental that will fit and enhance the space without overpowering the room.  Have an idea of the perfect size when making your rental selections to get it right the first time.

Double-duty diligence

Think about furnishings that serve more than one function such as a desk that can also be used as a dining table or an ottoman for storage as well as optional seating for guests. Lightweight pieces that can be moved easily can offer maximum functionality when space is tight. 

Defining spaces

When it comes to decorating a studio space, room dividers are your best friend. Not only do they create a separation between living areas, and provide much-needed storage but they can also add further privacy. For larger studios, open shelving is an excellent choice as items can be accessed from both sides while still allowing light to pass through the room. Area rugs are also invaluable in defining spaces while adding interest and a feeling of warmth.


When choosing accessories and decor, look for pieces that can add depth and create the illusion of more space. Decor such as dramatic artwork and mirrors are essential items in your design mix that add interest and work to make a small space appear larger. If your room is not blessed with an abundance of natural light, decorative lighting is a must for adding ambiance and accentuating the size of the space. Glass, acrylic and Lucite furnishings work well to provide functionality and keep the room light and airy.

Bottom Line

Brook Furniture Rental offers the perfect furnishings for small space decorating. From fabulous loveseats and occasional chairs to dining sets, rugs, and accessories, our extensive selection of furnishings is designed to dazzle any space.

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