Small Space Decorating Ideas

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Whether you are in transition, a job relocation or just starting a new career, a downsized living style might be an obvious choice based on timing and cost. Though decorating a smaller apartment may seem like a challenge, Brook Furniture Rental’s extensive collection of furnishings offers solutions that can transform any living space -large or small.

Before you get started, here are a few small space decorating ideas to consider that can help in creating a stylish, warm and inviting environment that you will love.

Go Light

The best place to start before choosing your rental furniture is measure your space. Next, decide on a color palette to complement the furnishings of the specific areas. When selecting your colors, think of lighter hues and add a darker one to keep things visually interesting. A surefire way to a successful design plan is to choose from Brook’s pre-designed room settings!

Mirror, mirror on the wall.

Mirrors are essential accent pieces for small spaces. A fabulous framed mirror adds style, reflects light and can make a small room feel twice as large especially if positioned by a window or other light source. Remember, the bigger the mirror, the better!

Comfortable Corners

Corners are an often overlooked area that can offer a perfect spot to place an attractive accent chair, table, corner bookshelf or create a cozy nook for reading.

Furniture to Scale

One of the biggest mistakes in decorating a small space is to choose furniture that is not to scale. Nothing can overpower a room more than an overstuffed couch. Opt to rent furniture that will fit and enhance the space such as loveseats, armless chairs, and streamlined sofas. The result will be a room that appears much larger. To complete the look, add some colorful, contrasting throw cushions and accessories to show your personal style.

Keep It Clear

When renting furniture for a small space consider its visual weight based on size, material, and color. Heavier pieces can constrict a space while airy selections such as lucite tables and chairs, glass coffee tables give the impression of openness while still delivering the functions you need.

Light it Up

No space is complete without the addition of lighting. Decorative accent lighting creates visual interest as well as a warm ambiance in any space while task lighting is perfect for reading, or adding more light in the kitchen area. Mix it up with table and freestanding lamps and other accessories like metallic accents and pieces to reflect the light for a touch of glamor.

Area Rugs

Whether it’s a studio, one bedroom or open concept, strategically placed area rugs serve to define spaces and add a sense of warmth to the living areas. If you’re dealing with dark floors or carpeting, a rug with a lighter hue is a good choice to brighten and open up the room.

small space decorating

Storage for Stuff

One of the challenges of a small space is dealing with “stuff.” To avoid clutter, choose furniture that serves dual purposes such as an ottoman with a removable top as well as coffee and side tables with shelving.

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Brook Furniture Rental offers the perfect furnishings for small space decorating. From fabulous loveseats and occasional chairs to dining sets, rugs, and accessories, our extensive selection of furnishings is designed to dazzle any space. View our collections or contact us at 877.285.7368