Action! Spotlight on Lights

Action! Spotlight on Lights

Lights, camera, action! Don’t underestimate the power of light. Lighting up your home is a simple way to make being everyday living more enjoyable. The right amount of light can make all the difference in your daily activity. Follow these suggestions to brighten up your home.

3 Ways to Lighten Up Your Style

Let natural light in

Natural light is magical on people’s moods. Use versatile window treatments to make lightening up your rooms easier. Depending on size of windows and location of the home, you could ditch window treatments altogether, but don’t compromise your sense of privacy. Add a floor length mirror across from or adjacent to windows to reflect back that natural light.


Artificial light is good, too

Natural light has strong benefits on people’s emotions and moods, but artificial light is important, too. Most obviously, artificial light is essential for lighting rooms at night. However, it can also be a useful tool for personalizing and decorating your home. Consider the function a light will serve in each space. Do you need a lamp for reading? Maybe you need a bright light for work or applying makeup. Don't forget to illuminate the outdoors for nighttime enjoyment — and to ensure you can see where you're going.


Bring the heat for plants

By incorporating plants into your home, you can be become more aware of the importance of light. You’ll be more inclined to raise the blinds and open the curtains more often. Not only are plants useful as reminders, but they also add an earthy feel to each room, connecting the outdoors with the indoors. Some plants need plentiful natural light, but some will also thrive with artificial light from heat lamps. Either way, greenery is a surefire way to lift your spirits. Don't have a green thumb? Silk plants can make a statement, too.


Light up your life and mood

Making sure that your home is lit up effectively will help to create a better home atmosphere for your visitors and yourself. The light will help to bring out the colors of your furniture, walls, and flooring. Incorporating plants into rooms is a great way to make your house feel like a home. Take advantage of natural and artificial light. These three simple things can work magic in regards to improving your home.

Bottom Line

When remodeling or refurnishing, keep in mind the importance of living in brightness. Looking for a bright idea? Search Brook's plentiful collection of lamps for illuminating inspiration. Whether a table lamp, floor lamp, or desk lamp, we've got you covered.

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