Tackling Your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Tackling Your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring has sprung! It’s time to take care of spring home maintenance projects. These tasks will help you prepare the house for summer fun and enjoyment while staing organized on the biggest priority projects to tackle. 

Why Is Spring a Good Time for Home Maintenance?

We get it: During the long, dark days of winter, you just want to burrow under a nest of blankets and avoid venturing out. Plus, you likely aren’t spending that much time outside. Once your home thaws, spring is a great time of the year to identify any potential problems and the weather is nice enough to allow you to tackle them.

Taking the time to perform maintenance beyond spring cleaning helps keep your home in top shape. This can reduce potential insurance claims down the road if a small problem becomes a big one (like a crack in your foundation that turns into mold in your basement).

9 Areas to Check Off Your Spring Clean-Up List

No time like the present! Here are nine areas to tackle on your spring home maintenance checklist:


Examine roof shingles to make sure the winter weather hasn’t caused any damage. If you have an older roof, you may want to start saving to take care of upcoming repairs


Check to make sure that attic fans work properly and are ready to release the summer heat. Review the area for bird or rodent nests that need to be removed. Look for water stains where moisture may have leaked in from the roof.


Remove leaves and debris from gutters and downspouts. Make sure water has a clear runway to drain and doesn’t collect, which can cause foundation issues.

Foundation and sidewalks

Walk around the house and check for cracks in the foundation or along sidewalks. Extreme cold may have caused a contraction, leading to issues. Small cracks can be filled with silicone caulk or a concrete filler. Have foundation issues inspected by an expert.

Sump pump

Clean your sump pump out to make sure that any spring rains don’t cause a backup in your home.


Check sprinklers for broken heads and other leaks. Observe how water runs off in your landscaping to make sure there are no areas where water pools.

Air conditioner

Service the air conditioner before you need to rely on it to cool off hot summer days. You can clean the coils and change filters, but consider using a professional to run a full rundown to keep the unit functioning efficiently.


Inspect the deck for potential issues such as warping, rot, or water stains. This is a good time to re-stain and seal the deck.


Check windows and door frames for moisture accumulation. You’ll want to repair any problems as soon as possible, especially since spring rains can cause more damage. Re-caulk windows and doors to maintain the seal and repair any window screens with holes or tears. 

Bottom Line

A spring checklist is a great way to maintain your home and prevent potential problems. However, if you do find yourself with an insurance claim or a home renovation project where you can’t stay in your home, furnish your temporary housing with Brook—both a beautiful and sustainable option.

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