4 Steps to a Successful Guest Suite Program

4 Steps to a Successful Guest Suite Program

Guest Suites have emerged as a recent “must have” amenity for apartment communities. Not only are guest suites highly desired by long-term residents, but they can also maintain rental rate integrity. Whether you are a new community in the position of acquiring new lease-ups or an established building, guest suites can off-set the ongoing occurrence of vacant units with a strategy that drives revenue.

Why It's Time for a Guest Suite Program

Creating and maintaining a profitable guest suite program is not as hard as you may think. Here are four steps in building and marketing this revenue-generating amenity.

Guest Suite Plan

Step 1: Plan for success

The first step in implementing a guest suite program is to develop a plan. This will include what specific target market you are appealing to; meeting the needs of seniors will be much different from that of the younger millennial generation. You will also need to determine your budget balanced against the potential revenue that you can expect. Here are some of the things to consider when developing your plan.

  • How many units
  • Nightly guest rate
  • Furniture and housewares requirements
  • Management and concierge services
  • Maid services
  • Marketing plan 

Step 2: Partner with the right company

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Partner with a company that can help with your guest suite program success. While stylish furniture is a key to attracting guests, a knowledgeable partner who can assist in the design and layout of your suite is also essential. Brook Furniture Rental has the expertise to deliver a fantastic guest suite experience. Brook’s specialists can also assist in driving adoption that generates results in great reviews and repeat stays.

Step 3: Use professional photography and 3D virtual tours

3D virtual Tour

High-end photography maximizes your efforts across all marketing venues. Professional photography enables potential guests to visualize the details and style of the unit. You can also feature your other community amenities. Guests want to know about the lifestyle they can expect to experience.

Put the “wow” into your marketing efforts by including a 3D virtual tour. Providing a virtual walkthrough enables potential guests to interactively experience the suite in a manner that surpasses static photos.

Advertise your virtual tour by promoting across your all marketing channels, including your collateral and social media accounts.

Step 4: Promote your new offering

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Create your marketing plan to make sure you can drive demand the minute your guest suite is installed. It makes sense to utilize the marketing channels that you already have established for your community. Including details about this “hot” amenity will be effective in gaining exposure.

Develop marketing pieces and a landing page dedicated to your suite that can be distributed to prospects and residents. These details can distinguish your guest suite as a sought-after feature in a competitive marketplace. Plus, your guest suite can serve as a trial stay for prospects.

Remember, your tenant’s guests are travelers, too. They’re looking for a lifestyle solution as well as an accommodation. Be sure to include details about the neighborhood, entertainment, and shopping venues as well as transit information to set your guest suite apart from the hotels in your area.