Hot Tips for a Summer-Proof Home

Hot Tips for a Summer-Proof Home

Summer is upon us, and you know what that means: much warmer weather. If you live some place where you can count on extreme heat over the next few months, you’ll want to do what you can now to make sure your house is ready for summer. A summer-proof home is prepared to retain all the cool air it can, reducing energy consumption (and costs) from that energy-sucking air conditioner along the way. 

Why Is It Important to Prepare My Home for Summer?

Getting your home fit for summer helps ensure you can enjoy being (and these days, working) at home when the heat kicks into swelter-mode. By making sure everything from insulation to air conditioning is properly installed and maintained, you can keep the heat and the energy costs down, and make your home a comfortable place to spend leisurely afternoons.

Keep in mind that summer-proofing your home is different from your spring upkeep checklist. In spring, you’re tidying things up after the harsh conditions of winter. Summer-proofing is all about energy efficiency while staying cool.

5 Ways to Summer-Proof Your Home

Want to make sure you don’t get burned out this summer? Here are our five favorite ways to beat the heat at home.

Home Energy Audit

The summer months are notorious for being the most energy-sucking time of year, as everyone tries to keep their indoor temps down. An energy audit takes a look at what you currently consume and where you can reduce energy usage. You can do some of this on your own—for example, by checking which appliances can be replaced with Energy Star certified models. But a professional will go much deeper, examining your home from the outside in to pinpoint where any major issues might lie.

Child on the living room floor enjoying the breeze from a fan

Air Conditioner Maintenance

More often than not, keeping your home cool means running the A/C. But whenever possible, try using fans instead to keep energy usage down. You’ll also want to make sure your air conditioner is the right size for your home, so it is working as efficiently as possible. Getting annual maintenance on the unit will also help it run smoothly and reduce energy waste. Clean filters and vents to make sure the cool air is getting into your rooms without obstruction.

Insulation Installation

Being energy efficient means more than having insulation—it means having the right amount of insulation, consistently layered in the right areas. For a $1,500 investment into your attic insulation, you can save approximately $600 a year in energy costs, according to HouseLogic. Just as insulation helps keep the house warm in winter, it also works to keep the interior cool throughout summer.

Roof Refresh

Consider changing your roof to a lighter color. This will help refract light away from the home and keep it cooler in the hot sun. It’s also a great way to improve curb appeal with a fresh new look, all the while making your home better equipped for the harsh summer sun.

Interior room with light grey couch, light grey rug, and plants by the windows

Passive Design & Decor

Did you know there are design tricks to help keep your home cool in the summer? Start with lighter rugs and sofas that reflect the heat coming through your windows. You can also add houseplants that help keep cool moisture in the air. And if you’re thinking about long-term results, plant some trees in the yard. As they grow, they’ll provide your home with some welcome shade and help your rooms stay cooler.

Bottom Line

The start of summer is the best time to make sure you have everything in place to keep cool. If you’re just getting settled into a new home, or if you’re displaced from your home in temporary housing during a big renovation, think about renting the furniture you need. It’s a great way to create a cool (and cooling) design while being eco-friendly. At Brook, we can furnish your entire home to accommodate your summer needs—and then change it out when winter rolls around again.

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