How to Achieve Sustainable Business Travel

How to Achieve Sustainable Business Travel

Once upon a time, business travel was looked at strictly with a cost-effective purpose: Is this trip worth the cost in terms of business success? Today, companies must balance financial considerations with the environmental impact of corporate travel. Implementing sustainable business travel practices is becoming not just the expectation, but the standard. 

Why Is Sustainable Business Travel Important?

Sustainability has become an integral part of our culture, and every business should look to utilize sustainable, environmentally friendly practices wherever they can.  According to a research study by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) 88% of the global business travel sector views addressing climate change as the number one priority area for action. This means limiting carbon-heavy flight travel, choosing green corporate housing when possible, and using companies that invest in carbon offset programs. An eco-conscious mentality aligns with consumer expectations, and everyone benefits from it. 

4 Ways to Travel More Sustainably for Business

Only 38% of business travel buyers say they currently incorporate sustainability practices in their travel management policies, but now is the perfect time for your company to implement or improve its sustainable business travel program. It’s OK if you start with one or two items and grow the program over time. Here are four ways to achieve more sustainable corporate travel. 

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Video meetings help achieve sustainable business travel
Working from home helps achieve sustainable business travel

Bottom Line

It doesn’t take a lot to make a real impact on the environment. You can build a sustainable business travel program by increasing awareness of your company’s carbon usage and exploring ways to lower it. Sustainability is here to stay, and finding ways to help should be the goal of every company’s corporate travel program. 

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