Tips For the First-Time Corporate Traveler

Tips For the First-Time Corporate Traveler

Setting out for a temporary relocation assignment is an exciting experience (especially now that travel is starting to pickup with vaccine rollouts). There’s more to organize besides travel arrangements, such as what to pack and where to stay. Finding an apartment or corporate housing with the right amenities, in the right location, can make all the difference for a productive outcome of your stay.

Where to Stay

Whether sourcing everything yourself, through your company, or through a third-party relocation/corporate services company, there are consideration in choosing a short-term rental accommodation both from a budget and comfort perspective.


Corporate housing accommodations are everywhere, in a variety of locations, so it’s important to prioritize your needs. If your assignment requires frequent travel, you may prefer to be close to the airport. Want to live like a local? Consider a location in an urban neighborhood with proximity to restaurants, entertainment, parks, and grocery shopping.


Outdoor swimming pool in urban setting

One of the advantages of choosing corporate housing over a hotel accommodation is having access to facilities. It is essential to establish a work-life balance during your stay and amenities, such as a fitness room and pool, provide opportunities to stay healthy and unwind. If you are planning presentations, access to a conference room, coworking space, and associated business amenities will be necessary.


Depending on the nature of your business, consider what size and style of apartment you require. If family or friends plan to visit, ensure you have adequate guest space and sleeping accommodations. If you anticipate holding business meetings, look for an apartment that caters to your required features—like extra seating, electrical outlets, or technology add-ons.


Living room furnishings in a corporate apartment

Most established corporate rentals are designed to provide a “home away from home,” featuring high-quality rental furniture, equipped kitchens, electronics, a washer and dryer, and, of course, office furnishings. Reputable corporate housing providers adhere to the high standards required for business travel, so it’s a good idea to check reviews and testimonials before you book.

Lease Flexibility

Lease flexibility is important when it comes to short-term business stays. If you have an extended assignment, the last thing you want is to be looking for another accommodation. Check for a lease that offers a month-to-month renewal once the initial term is established. Investigate what is included—such as utilities, internet, and cable. An all-inclusive package will fix your costs, meet your budget restrictions, and provide a more convenient experience.

What To Do

Stay Healthy

Adjusting to a new environment and working remotely can cause a certain degree of stress. While experiencing local cuisine and restaurants can be exciting, it is also important to establish your regular eating routine while you are away. A well-appointed kitchen affords the opportunity to stop by a local grocer for your favorite foods and cook your own meals. And if you’re not a maestro in the kitchen, now may be the time to learn some new skills! Don’t forget to take advantage of the apartment community amenities. Not only will they keep you healthy and productive—but they’re also an excellent way to meet other residents.


Business meeting conducted outdoors

Yes, you’re there to work, but not 24/7. Take advantage of the downtime to explore the city, check out attractions and enjoy the local flavors of the neighborhood. If you’re looking for ways to network, research local groups or events that might pertain to your specific interests. Making new connections can be useful for business, as well as for your social life when you’re spending time alone in a new city. Leave time to catch up on a new Netflix series, listen to music, or read a book all from the comfort of your temporary home away from home.

Bottom Line

Brook specializes in temporary transition. We provide rental furniture for corporate housing, making it easy to find high-quality furnishings, decor, housewares, and electronics for your next temporary assignment.