Tips on Decorating With Accessories

Tips on Decorating With Accessories

Furnishing an empty apartment or home is an exciting endeavor but can also be a little overwhelming. There are so many things to consider. What is the best furniture to suit the size and shape of the rooms? What color scheme should you go with? What style will best suit your personality? In the process of renting the basics, choosing decorative accessories to complete the look is often overlooked.

9 Ways to Complete the Look With Accessories

Top designers know the fantastic impact that décor can have on a room. From accent pillows to art and lighting, the right accessories can complete a home. Here are a nine tips on how to decorate with accessories.

living room furnished by Brook Furniture Rental

Select a Color Palette

When deciding on your decorating color palette, specifically for items like accent pillows and rugs, consider the color and style of the rental furniture you are choosing. Though there are no hard and fast rules when mixing patterns and solids, the hues should complement each other. Bright and playful patterns will result in a fresh, modern feel, while more natural and subdued colors are perfect for that classic look.

vignette in room furnished by Brook Furniture Rental

Consider Placement

When placing decorative accessories, a good rule is to work with three items or clusters of threes as they tend to be more appealing to the eye. You can experiment with varying colors, textures, and shapes such as metallic, glass and ceramic or choose one color that you love as an elegant grouping.

Tray decor styled thoughtfully in a high rise living room

Frame It Up

Tray décor is a perfect way to arrange accessories in a defined area and create an interesting vignette. Remember to stick with the same combining rules in terms of utilizing varying heights, shapes, and colors.

collection of artfully arranged pillows in a living room furnished by Brook Furniture Rental

Puff Up Some Pillows

No matter what color scheme you choose, accent pillows are a decorator’s best friend, especially when working with furnishings in neutral or solid hues. From vibrant to warm natural textures, accent pillows are essential for adding pops of color, comfort, and interest to a room. Brook Furniture Rental makes it easy with pre-designed, coordinated room settings through our home furniture rental packages, but you can also rent furniture à la carte, and truly express your personal style.

Add the Artwork

One of the most popular accessories that can make a significant impact when decorating is art. Not only can a stunning piece of artwork add color and interest, but it also creates a focal point in the room. A large statement piece above a sofa or adjacent to a dining area can enhance the feeling you want for the space such as excitement, drama or sophistication.

Make It a Moment With Mirrors

Mirrors are also an important décor element available in an array of finishes that are perfect for reflecting light and color. Mirrors are also essential in helping to make a small space appear much more substantial. Consider choosing one with a brilliant gold or silver finish to add some “wow” factor to the room.

living room with geometric rug furnished by Brook Furniture Rental

Create Definition With Area Rugs

Rugs have a way of magically adding warmth and interest to any room. Whether a colorful pattern, an exotic animal print or a natural textured weave, area rugs help to define spaces and enhance the chosen color palette of any area. Remember to choose a rug that is proportionate to the space you want to define. Not too big, not too small and not too many is the key to accessorizing with rugs.

plum colored chair with accents in living room furnished by Brook Furniture Rental

Light It Up

As every professional decorator will tell you, lighting is the key in every design. Great lighting is an essential element in creating a sense of warmth and ambiance as well as enhancing the overall style of the room. Whether it be a traditional table lamp or an industrial floor lamp, Brook offers an amazing selection to suit any space.

dining set with acrylic chairs furnished by Brook Furniture Rental

Don't Forget a Little Foliage

Plant accessories have become increasingly popular as décor pieces, especially if you do not have a green thumb. Though nothing can replace the scent of fresh flowers, artificial foliage décor is a creative way to add some warmth and life to your composition.

Bottom Line

When renting home and apartment furniture from Brook Furniture Rental, you can rest assured you will find only the highest quality furniture and décor featuring the latest styles, from traditional to modern, to suit your personal taste. We’ve made the rental process fast and easy, so you can get the furniture you need to be delivered when and where you want it.

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