Moves to Make When Moving to a New City

Moves to Make When Moving to a New City

Whether you’re moving for a permanent job or relocating for a short-term assignment, leaving the old and familiar is exciting and nerve-racking. After finding your perfect apartment, the final challenge is adjusting to living in an unfamiliar environment. Here are five tips to help you settle in your new home and find new friends.

Get to know the area

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Searching online is one of the most effective ways to get to know the area. Most cities have lifestyle magazines with information on events, restaurant reviews, music venues, and general information for quick intel. Also, search local neighborhood social sites where you can uncover the best coffee shops and restaurants, as well as local gyms and parks. The more information you have before the move, the more productive and stress-free you will be upon arrival.

Explore the neighborhood

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Get adventurous and explore your neighborhood. Take a walk and visit local venues such as the art gallery or museum, and get acquainted with neighborhood retailers and services. Stop and have a coffee or lunch on a street-side patio. Though it may feel uncomfortable at first, being alone is a great way to meet people and gain new confidence in yourself.


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Apartment communities offer many opportunities to meet new people. Featured amenities such as fitness centers, pools, rooftop patios, and community coworking spaces are perfect venues for socializing in a relaxed environment. Remember, most of the residents were in the same situation as you are, so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself. You’ll be surprised how quickly your social calendar can fill up.

Get involved

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Moving to a new city, even for a short timeframe, does not mean you need to give up your interests. Strive to maintain your lifestyle and find groups that cater to your interests, such as photography, a book club, or even work-related groups. If you want to support the community, volunteer at a local charity or a worthwhile cause. When you surround yourself with likeminded people, you will feel much more connected to your new home.

Create your home base

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One of the most important things about moving to a new city? Create a home where you can work, relax, and entertain. Rather than investing in expensive furnishings that can tap out your living expenses right out of the gate, try renting furniture. There are lots of benefits to renting furniture rather than purchasing as well. First, you won’t have to deal with the hassle and cost of moving or getting rid of it, and you can do your part to save the planet. Renting is more sustainable than churning through fast furniture that won’t last.

Bottom Line

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