Why You'll Never Be Left Waiting With Brook

Why You'll Never Be Left Waiting With Brook

Remember Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith, of ‘The A-Team’ fame? He loves it when a plan comes together. And so do we. Without a plan, there’s uncertainty, confusion, mistakes. And for a plan to materialize, everyone has to know their part. That’s never more true than when it comes to logistics and supply chains. (It also helps to have Track-My-Truck… but more on that later.)

The Importance of a Well-Oiled Machine

The efficiency of a well-oiled supply chain depends on every moving cog. Each step in the process is entirely dependent on the one before it. The dominoes won’t topple if the one at the start isn’t triggered properly. And if there’s a gap in movement or a miscommunication? The whole machine shuts down. The supply chain is broken and every step after the break is impacted. It’s no different in the world of delivery logistics, where a broken system can mean poor service… every step of the way.

The Long Wait...

Let’s say you need furniture for a community guest suite by the end of the month. You can’t purchase new furniture because it’s on backorder for 4-5 months, minimum. You decide to rent furniture for the convenience (and the sustainability). The company you order from provides a wide-open delivery window, on top of your entire afternoon—an afternoon that’s already full of showings, meetings, and other resident obligations.

But you can’t drop everything to be on standby. You can’t wait by the phone, and you can’t give your residents half your attention. You fear the delivery driver is a no-show, until he arrives an hour past the original window. The whole thing feels like the cherry on top of a wasted day… and the cycle of frustration and discontent begins anew.

Newfound Freedom

Brook’s new Track-My-Truck feature is here to end the cycle. It’s a game changer, if you ask us. With your unique tracking link, you can follow your delivery and get your ETA down to the minute. We’ve taken what was once a grueling experience and made it stress-free—no more back-and-forth, no more unreliability and disappointment when it comes to your delivery. Track-My-Truck has the answers, saving you time and energy. And as a part of our Descartes Route Planner implementation, it’s automatically part of our order fulfillment process, no IT integration needed. All you need to do is order.


“Our customers expect to be in-the-know when it comes to their orders, especially when it impacts their home and their lifestyle,” said Nathan Sanders, President & CEO at Brook Furniture Rental. “Our work with Descartes allows us to give customers the efficiency and transparency they expect and deserve.”

Bottom Line

So, how did we improve the user experience, you ask? By eliminating steps, we’ve eliminated opportunities for the chain to be broken, for the plan to come unraveled. We love it when a plan comes together. Don’t you? Powered by Descartes, we’re giving you real-time insights into the status of your order through automated route planning and execution.

Say goodbye to the unpredictability of delivery windows, and say hello to Track-My-Truck, giving you an up-to-the-minute ETA and the freedom to plan your life accordingly. Now you can follow your furniture, right from the palm of your hand.

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