How to Give Your Space Vacation Vibes

How to Give Your Space Vacation Vibes

Is there anything better than a warm sun, a cold drink, and a worry-free afternoon? We take vacations to have fun, explore, and relax. Too bad real life often gets in the way. Until you plan your next getaway, transform your space into a dream oasis.

3 Ways to Feel Like You're Always on Vacation

Maybe you're swamped with work, or maybe it's too cost prohibitive, but it's possible taking an actual vacation isn't feasible right now. That's OK! There are other ways to make it feel like you're on vacation without booking a trip. Here are three ways to achieve vacation vibes at home.

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Take Advantage of Your Surroundings


No matter where you live, you can take advantage of what your environment has to offer. Whether you live in a warm or cold climate, throw open those windows and doors—weather permitting, of course. Open entryways allows for better airflow and light. Temps too cold or weather not cooperating? Add greenery (live plants, preferably) to breathe life into your spaces. Keep your color palette light and use punchy, vibrant colors for accents.

Choose the Right Furniture


Just like clothes can make the man, furniture can make the room. Your style of furnishings dictates the vibe of your living spaces. Some interior design styles are well-defined, like Mid-century Modern, Hollywood Regency, or Farmhouse (shiplap, anyone?). Others are a blend of well-known standards, like Transitional. If you want to feel like you're in a 5-star hotel, pick slick metallics, white bases, and large, standout artwork. Want to feel like you're in the woods? Go for natural wood tones, earthy greens, and cozy bedding. 

Remember to Relax


Above all, when you're on vacation, remember to relax! Pile on the comforts of a luxurious, extravagant getaway. Plush seating, lovely textures, and elegant décor. Create a space you never want to leave—whether it's an extra comfy living room, a swoon-worthy bedroom, or a indulgent, spa-like bathroom. Let your worries float away.

Bottom Line

Whatever your vacation vibe, it can be achieved with the right attitude, environment, and the right furniture. Brook offers a wide selection of styles to fit your ideal getaway. And just like a worry-free vacation, you can enjoy a worry-free rental experience with Brook. We handle assembly and set-up, and if you don't love it, don't stress. We offer free exchanges within the first 7 days of your rental.

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