Welcome To Generation Rent – Designing for Millennials

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Welcome To Generation Rent – Designing for Millennials – Part 2

Millennials, known as consumers between the ages of 18 and 35 years old are defining the rental economy. The demographic fondly nicknamed “generation rent” have and will continue to impact every aspect of our society. No industry has felt the influence of millennials more than multifamily, racing to offer a minimalistic lifestyle of living that does not require major possessions.

Furnished apartments have become a “hot” amenity in the race to attract the millennial generation, providing an on-demand home, eliminating the need for expensive investments. Taking it a step further, smart communities are providing the type of furniture and décor that suits the minimalistic aesthetic of the millennial demographic. Whether providing a “ready to go” furnished apartment or staging a model suite, here are a few tips to follow in achieving that clean, uncomplicated look.

Mid-Century Furniture Design

Though there is no single design style, millennials are attracted to the clean, minimalistic lines of mid-century style. The streamlined design of mid-century works well in smaller spaces and reflects many of the industrial designs of popular urban lofts. A simple, uncluttered approach can give an impression of airiness, space, and comfort not found in more complicated design trends. From sofas and occasional chairs to upholstered headboards, mid-century design rules.


Mid-Century Sofa

upholstered headboard


With smaller living spaces come the need for increased functionality. Many millennials either work from home full or part-time and require an area that will allow for that. Look for multi-functional pieces that can serve dual purposes such as a side table that can work as a desk or an ottoman that can be used for storage.

Millennial style livingroom

Mid-Century Furniture


When it comes to décor, “less is more” is the guiding principle. Millennials gravitate towards, rustic, industrial light fixtures, wood floors, lots of light, unusual pieces of art and metallic finishes.

Industrial Lighting

Millennial Furniture Design

Neutral Palettes

In keeping with a minimalistic style, neutrals in hues of gray and cooler whites play a significant role in the overall aesthetic of minimalistic design. However, new trends lean towards adding a pop of color or even printed wallpaper to an accent wall depending on the layout of the space.

Mid-Century Design

Painted Accent Wall

Millennials look to companies that will cater to their specific needs. Customization is important in allowing the millennial resident to express his or her own personal taste.

One solution is to offer your resident with the option of replacing a piece of furniture with one of a different color or style. Brook Furniture Rental works with communities to provide customized programs tailored to their specific needs.

From seniors to baby boomers, we offer a wide selection of furniture styles and décor suited to any resident demographic. Visit our website or speak to one of our professionals to discuss how we can help with your lease-up strategy. Contact us at 877.285.7368.