What a Sofa Style Says About You.

By Brook Furniture Rental – https://www.bfr.com

So, you’re renting furniture for a temporary living situation. Smart decision. One of the first pieces you will probably need is a sofa. Brook Furniture Rental prides itself on its extensive selection of sofa styles and design choices. From traditional to modern, you can choose the best option to suit your style and your budget. But what about your personality?

Whether you choose the classic styling of the English Roll Arm or the modern lines of the Mid Century, your choice in sofa style can say quite a bit about who you are.

Eileen Collection Sofa

The Tuxedo

Eileen Collection – Brook Furniture Rental

The Tuxedo sofa is designed to make a statement. The arms and back of the tuxedo are the same height as the Chesterfield, but the style is much different with clean-lined and geometric design and often upholstered with fabric. The sophisticated style of this sofa compliments your personality completely. Your friends envy your contemporary style as well as your discriminating taste in food and wine. You love cocktail parties, the New York Times and old Audrey Hepburn movies. You are like the suit it’s named after-timeless and modern.

The Lawson Sofa

The Lawson

Mitchell Collection – Brook Furniture Rental

The Lawson sofa is a comfortable, contemporary style featuring arms (round or linear) that are lower than the back. Unlike the English roll arm, the back cushions are loose. The Lawson is designed for comfort, whether lounging in the morning with a cup of coffee or relaxed in the afternoon with a good book. You like casual get-togethers with friends, baseball games, burgers, and beer. Your casual yet confident personality is reflected in your choice of mixing comfort with classic styles.

The English Roll Arm Sofa

The English Roll Arm

Hunt Club Collection – Brook Furniture Rental

The English Roll Arm sofa is a classic style defined by rounded arms, with loose cushions on the bottom. The back seat is typically “tight” meaning you cannot remove them. This style is classic yet comfortable, perfect for entertaining or just sitting back with a glass of wine. You are probably a fan of Downton Abbey, love horses, old sports cars and getting together with friends for an evening soiree. Though you love the time-honored classic style and rich colors, you still embrace your personality with mix and match patterns.

Camel Back Sofa

The Camel Back

Sedona Buff Collection – Brook Furniture Rental

Just like the animal, the Camelback sofa displays two humps that reach a higher point on either side. It’s traditional, and elegant style is designed to stand the test of time. Though it’s perfect for formal occasions, it is still comfy enough to sit back and relax. You hold tradition close to your heart and love family holidays, especially Christmas. You have a deep appreciation of style that exudes quality. You enjoy cooking and spending time with close friends, browsing through Homes and Gardens magazine, and planning your next dinner party. Though you are traditional in spirit, you are not afraid to add your personal touch in your choice of colors and accessories.

Mid Century Sofa

The Mid-Century

Ford White Collection – Brook Furniture Rental

The Mid-Century sofa is characterized by its rectangular shape and clean lines with a tufted back, moveable seat cushions, and wooden legs. With its “Mad Men” vintage style, it sets the stage to create the perfect contemporary living room. You’re a fan of modern style and design and like to mix patterns and textures with bold accessories. The art gallery is your favorite hangout, and you love browsing through vintage stores on a Saturday afternoon followed by a visit to the local gastronomic bar and grill. You excel at any given challenge and your friends admire your strong yet aesthetic personality.

Though we may have guessed at some of these, there is no guessing when you choose Brook Furniture Rental. High quality, stylish furniture, superb customer service and 100% satisfaction guaranteed, makes us the right choice.

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