When Temporary Housing Is the Right Choice

When Temporary Housing Is the Right Choice

Whether through work, personal life, or family, we often find ourselves leaving our permanent homes for an extended period. Traditionally, hotels are the obvious solution, but corporate housing and short-term rentals now provide stellar alternative options. Unlike typical hotel stays, temporary housing offers a higher level of flexibility, comfort, and affordability.

Corporate housing and short-term rentals aren’t just for business travelers. Here are seven scenarios where temporary housing can be the right choice.

Short-Term Assignment

We live in a mobile society. It’s not unusual for people working in technology, entertainment, government, or seasonal-based activities to be on the move for work or training. If you are traveling for a short-term assignment, you may want to consider the advantages of furnished temporary housing over a hotel stay. Often located in multifamily communities, corporate and short-term living apartments offer desirable urban locations, privacy, and business centers—as well as a host of amenities.


Moving to a new area can be a stressful experience—whether it be downsizing, marital status change, a new job, or a family situation. Online resources are beneficial for initial research, but the only way to make a qualified housing decision is to experience different neighborhoods and areas in person. A useful method? Rent a temporary accommodation, such as temporary housing or even an Airbnb, enabling you to investigate the community and determine which area is best suited to your housing requirements.

Between Housing

The buying and selling of a home is a complicated process which includes many unexpected challenges. Closing dates may not coincide with expected moving dates, sellers change their mind, or unexpected repairs arise leaving you between homes for an uncertain time. If your new home is not ready to be occupied or you find yourself searching for a new one, a short-term accommodation can offer a “home away from home” through the transition period.

Home Renovation

Home renovations, while often sorely needed, can cause considerable disruption. If you learn that your home won’t be habitable for an extended period (3 to 5 months, for example), consider temporary arrangements such as a short-term apartment or home rental. Having a comfortable place to live and work during your renovation will eliminate the stress and confusion for you and your family.

Temporary Displacement

Nobody wants to confront the disruption of a disaster, but sometimes Mother Nature has a mind of her own. Fires, hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes can strike without warning—leaving us often without a home or possessions. Insurance providers utilize temporary and corporate housing companies to provide emergency furnished housing options in critical times of need.

Assisting a Friend or Relative

Visiting a friend or relative may require alternative accommodations during your stay, whether it’s for a wedding or a family member’s illness. Depending on the situation and length of time you’ll be away from home, a short-term furnished apartment or temporary corporate housing is an excellent alternative to a hotel that may feel impersonal or sterile.

Extended Vacation

Today, many vacationers are finding short-term rentals as a great alternative to traditional vacation packages. A hotel may be perfect for one or two nights, but for extended vacations, a furnished apartment with a fully stocked kitchen proves to be more affordable. Plus, it offers the lifestyle experience that many urban travelers seek.

Bottom Line

Whether you are traveling for work, permanently relocating, or merely experiencing a transitional life event, there are many reasons where temporary accommodations make sense. No matter what the situation, the goal is to find and create a comfortable space that you can call home, where you can relax, work, and carry on with your life.

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