Why Sustainability Matters at Brook

Why Sustainability Matters at Brook

Nearly 10 million tons of furniture is tossed into landfills each year, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. At Brook, we take conservation to another level within our industry. We invest in asset restoration and preservation processes that allow us to slow down our consumption of products and still deliver beautiful like-new, high-quality pieces that last. When you rent, you're helping to extend the life of furniture, and keep those big, bulky items out of the trash. Furniture rental is green by nature — let's jump in and learn why Brook's rental model is the eco-friendly choice.

Sustainability Is Serious Business

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Preserve and Restore

Brook dedicates our efforts to sourcing sustainable furniture made from high-quality materials that last. We use lead-free, water-based paints and stains, low-volatile organic compound adhesives and finishes, and environmentally friendly textiles. And we invest in restoring and preserving our furniture, so we can deliver like-new pieces without wasting raw materials. All these processes and techniques are based on best sustainability practices from a variety of industries. We're not into fast furniture that won't last.

Think Green

All Brook facilities employ conservation-friendly operating principles including smart-grid electrical systems as well as high-efficiency distribution equipment. Our distribution centers optimize workflows to minimize piece movement to reduce emissions. We also strategically schedule deliveries into more efficient groupings, when possible, to reduce the number of deliveries—and emissions as a result—to certain areas. Employees with positions that can be done from home or remotely are encouraged to do so, reducing commuting-related emissions, too.

Strive for Gold Standards

We partner with a variety of furniture manufacturers and suppliers around the globe. Brook is dedicated to sustainable sourcing, so we seek out partners that share those values. We require that the materials they use and their operating facilities meet or exceed Brook and global ecological operating standards. All suppliers must have an energy reduction plan and employ a robust recycling programs for their raw materials and consumable items. 

Bottom Line

Brook is here to help you beautify your space, while preserving the planet. Happy Earth Day! Want to make additional strides toward sustainability in your home? Explore Brook’s extensive catalog and rent your furniture, helping to keep items out of landfills.

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