Giving Your Work-From-Home Space a Refresh

Giving Your Work-From-Home Space a Refresh

Spending more time in your work-from-home space than ever before? Maybe you feel like the space is cramped, disorganized, and uninspiring. Don’t worry: There are plenty of ways to create an efficient home office by refreshing and rethinking your space. Let’s take a look at why you might want to revitalize your space and simple ways to accomplish just that.

Why Your Home Office Needs a Refresh

When you spend a good portion of your day in a home office, you want it to be more than just the corner of the dining room table. Creating a dedicated and organized space can boost productivity during work hours. It also helps alleviate stress—because at the end of the day, you can walk away from your workspace and relocate to another part of the house where you can live your life and relax.

7 Ways to Rethink Your Work-from-Home Space

Take a look at your workspace and determine what you can do to improve the organization, workflow, and comfort of the room. Here are seven ways to get started: 

1. Create a dedicated office or work-from-home space

Where possible, make the space singularly devoted to work. This helps mentally prepare you for the day ahead and decompress later when you’ve clocked out. It’s also nice to have everything for work situated in one place. The space doesn’t have to be big. In fact, you can take a corner of the living room where you’ve stored your trinkets and convert that into your workspace. Ideally, you have a spare bedroom where you can close the door for privacy, and then close it behind you when the workday is done. 

2. Embrace natural light wherever possible

It’s best to position your workspace where there’s an abundance of natural light. Natural light invokes alertness and encourages productivity. Plus, a boost of Vitamin D can fight ailments such as depression, diabetes, and chronic pain. Put your desk near a window, but make sure to account for any major glares as the sun shifts. While you want the natural light, you still want to see the screen without straining your eyes. 

3. Add a splash of color

Without color, a work area can look drab—even clinical. Talk about a mood ruiner. Sprinkle colors throughout the room by adding a dynamic wallpaper, area rug, or throw pillows to the space. Color alters the look and feel of the space, making it more warm and inviting. 

4. Bring the outdoors in with plants

Add a houseplant or two to your workspace. This will soften the area and help evoke positive vibes. Plus, plants produce oxygen and help clean the air around you. Try simple succulents or low-maintenance houseplants that don’t require a lot of work on your part. Even an artificial plant can give your home office a much-needed lift.

5. Get organized

Looking at clutter can lead to feeling overwhelmed. Get the stacks of paper off your desk. Invest in organization items such as baskets, corkboard, and file boxes. Make sure everything has a place so that you aren’t constantly rummaging through papers to find what you need for that next meeting. If you have the space, a filing cabinet is a great way to keep all that extra stuff off your desk and out of your way. 

6. Curate books and decor

We all want the perfect Zoom background. Believe it or not, nice artwork or a miniature library behind you can raise your confidence in video conferences. You’ll feel more professional, and it may even open up small talk to break the ice. Choose artwork that resonates with you or pick books that reflect your favorite hobbies and passions.

7. Utilize ergonomic furniture

Ensure your workspace is ergonomically correct and that you’ll be comfortable sitting at your desk for hours on end. This might mean investing in a good office chair and desk—or better yet, rent them from Brook. You may also want a reading chair if you have the space for it, to get away from the desk when you need to dive deep into reports and documents. 

Bottom Line

No matter how big or small your work-from-home space, you can implement simple changes to make it more inviting and functional. If you need to upgrade furniture, consider Brook Furniture Rental for your home office. We specialize in high-end items used in a sustainable fashion.